MW series high speed robots

MW2500II series top entry robots offer the ideal solution especially for high-speed production cycles.

EN-MW2500II – 980 KB

Basic Mechanical Abilities

Model Axis Strokes (mm) Injection Clamping Force Range(Ton) Driving Method Lineer Position Repeatibility (mm) C Axis Posture (90°) Net Weight (Kg)
Vertical Crosswise Traverse Maximum Payload (Kg) C Axis Posture Torque (Nm) Main Body
MW2500II 2500 1500 3500 [4500] 1000 – 2800 AC Servo Motor ±0.1 25 (*1) 70 795 [846]

(*1) Weight of Robotic Hand is Included. (*[]) Optional Dimensions.

General Abilities

  • Vacuum Line
  • Blow Line
  • Sprue Gripper Line
  • Telescobic Vertical Axis
  • Vertical Axis Balance Cylinder
  • Manual Central Lubrication
  • Eco Mode(Automatic Energy Saving Cycle Feature
  • Product Pickup From Fixed and Moving Platens
  • Selection of Operator/Non-operator Working Direction
  • Conveyor Control
  • Telescobic Vertical Axis
  • Product Sorting and Stacking
  • Product Sorting in Matrix From
  • Soft Sorting/Separation
  • Vacuum Level Adjustment on the Control Panel
  • Turkish and English Message Support on the Control Panel
  • Product Extraction from Core in the Mold
  • Sprue Separation
  • Sample Separation
  • Simple Position Teaching
  • Crosswise J(Pass) Motion
  • Defective Product Separation(Machine Feature Compatibility Support)
  • Extra Mold Safety Sensor(Optional)
  • Pasue during Operation
  • Stop and Start
  • IMM Door Open Permission during Pause
  • C Axis Rotation Control
  • 90° Soft Stop
  • Connection Adapter between Robot and Injection Machine
  • Mode Operation Function Control
  • Turkish Software Multi-Language Support
  • Maximum Payload Adjustment
  • Operation Record Feature
  • Alarm Record Feature
  • USB Memory Connection
  • Memory of upto 50 Molds
  • Ejector Control
  • Euromap 12/67 Robot Interface
  • Overload Protection
  • Economic Vacuum Feature(Optional)

Technical Draw

Outer Dimensions

Description mm
A Height 2450
B Length 4265[5265]
C Traverse Axis Stroke 3500 [4500]
D Traverse Axis Stroke Excluded Distance (Product Place Region) 345
E Traverse Axis Stroke Excluded Distance (Product Pick Up Region) 420
F Vertical Axis Stroke 2500
G Vertical Wait 195
H Gripper Assembly Position under Crosswise Axis 383
I Minimum Crosswise Wait 303
J Maximum Crosswise Stroke 1500
I + J Maximum Crosswise Reach 1803
K Crosswise Start Distance 1708
L Width 2140
M Traverse Axis Cable Carrier Overflow 215
N Balance Cylinder Height 2007

Minimum Infastructure Requirements

Power Supply Maximum Power (kW) Air Pressure (Bar) Air Consumption (NI/Cycle)
Three-phase AC 380V ±%10 (50Hz / 60Hz) 3.3 4-6 (*2) 26.0

(*2) Need for Pressurized Air Purified (Dried) from Oil and Humidity Exists. (*[]) Optional Dimensions.

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