eMW series high speed robots

eMW1000 series top entry robots offer the ideal solution especially for high-speed production cycles.

EN-eMW1000 – 980 KB

Basic Mechanical Abilities

Model Axis Strokes (mm) Injection Clamping Force Range(Ton) Driving Method Lineer Position Repeatibility (mm) C Axis Posture (90°) Net Weight (Kg)
Vertical Crosswise Traverse Maximum Payload (Kg) C Axis Posture Torque (Nm) Main Body
eMW1000 1000 660 1500 100 – 380 AC Servo Motor ±0.1 6 (*1) 25 280

(*1) Weight of Robotic Hand is Included.

General Abilities

  • Vacuum Line
  • Blow Line
  • Sprue Gripper Line
  • Telescobic Vertical Axis
  • Eco Mode(Automatic Energy Saving Cycle Feature
  • Product Pickup From Fixed and Moving Platens
  • Conveyor Control
  • Simple Position Teaching
  • Mode Operation Function Control
  • Selection of Operator/Non-operator Working Direction
  • Product Sorting and Stacking
  • Product Sorting in Matrix From
  • Soft Sorting/Separation
  • Vacuum Level Adjustment on the Control Panel
  • Turkish and English Message Support on the Control Panel
  • Product Extraction from Core in the Mold
  • Sprue Separation
  • Sample Separation
  • Crosswise J(Pass) Motion
  • Defective Product Separation(Machine Feature Compatibility Support)
  • Extra Mold Safety Sensor(Optional)
  • Pasue during Operation
  • Stop and Start
  • IMM Door Open Permission during Pause
  • C Axis Rotation Control
  • 90° Soft Stop
  • Connection Adapter between Robot and Injection Machine
  • Turkish Software Multi-Language Support
  • Maximum Payload Adjustment
  • Operation Record Feature
  • Alarm Record Feature
  • USB Memory Connection
  • Memory of upto 50 Molds
  • Ejector Control
  • Euromap 12/67 Robot Interface
  • Overload Protection

Technical Draw

Outer Dimensions

CTraverse Axis Stroke1500
DTraverse Axis Stroke Excluded Distance
(Product Place Region)
ETraverse Axis Stroke Excluded Distance
(Product Pick Up Region)
FVertical Axis Stroke1000
GVertical Wait215
HGripper Assembly Position under
Crosswise Axis
IMinimum Crosswise Wait150
JMaximum Crosswise Stroke660
I + JMaximum Crosswise Reach810
MTraverse Axis Cable Carrier Overflow130

Minimum Infastructure Requirements

Power Supply Maximum Power (kW) Air Pressure (Bar) Air Consumption (NI/Cycle)
Three-phase AC 380V ±%10 (50Hz / 60Hz) 1.3 4-6 (*2) 3.5

(*2) Need for Pressurized Air Purified (Dried) from Oil and Humidity Exists.

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