CX series high speed robots

The CX1800 side-entry robot is the ideal solution, especially for fast production cycles.

EN-CX1800 – 980 KB

Injection amount:

180~250 tons

Drying cycle time in mold:


Robot dry cycle time:


(*) House picking all timer=0 and the following movements: X=1750mm; Calculated for Y=100mm.
(**) Dry cycle, all timers=0 and following movements: X=1750mm; Y=100m; Z=600mm

Basic Mechanical Abilities

ModelAxis Movements (mm)Operating PrincipleLinear Position Repeatability (mm)Injection Tonnage (Ton)
VerticalInjection MoldingTraverse
CX1800600230×21800AC Servo Motor, Gear and Belt0.1180~250

General Abilities

Vacuum Line Selection of Operator / Non-operator Working Direction Inner Mold Movement J (Pass) Central Lubrication
Blow Line Euromap 12/67 Robot Interface Sampling Message Support in Turkish and English on the Control Panel
Sprue Gripper Line Product Stacking (Stacking of Products Taken from the Mold) Defective Product Separation Load Capacity Adjustment
Product Pickup from Fixed and Moving Platens Product Extraction from Core in the Mold Gripper Division Operation Record Feature
Conveyor Control 50 Mold Memory Pause during Operation Alarm Record Feature
Position Gauge USB Memory Connection Permission to Open IMM Door during Pause Extra Mold Safety Sensor (Optional)
Mode Operation Function Control Ejector Control C Axis Rotation Control

Technical Draw

Minimum Infastructure Requirements

Power Source Power Consumption (kVA) Maximum Power Consumption (kW) Air Pressure (Bar) Air Consumption (Nl/Rotation) Net Weight (kg)
Main Body Control Cabinet
Three-phase AC 380V ± %10 (50/60Hz) 3.2 1.9 6~8 2.6 240 1.1

(*3) The value was calculated considering an efficiency of approximately 60% of power consumption. (*4) Dry compressed air without oil and moisture is required.

Outer Dimensions

Description mm
A Height 1620
B Width 2020
C Traverse Movement 1500
D Distance to Stretch Axis Deviation 270
E Distance to Axis Deviation 250
F Vertical Movement 800
G Vertical Waiting 200
H Mounting Position of Gripper Below Mold 240
I Minimum Mold Waiting Position 225
J Maximum Mold Movement 440
I+J Maximum Mold Access 665
K Total Length of Mold Axis 590

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