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High technology determines the future of the world

Moritech Robot, which contributes to the country’s economy by producing robots and robotic accessories for the plastics industry, also successfully distributes international robot brands.
Moritech Robot values ​​its customers as business partners and offers robotic production solutions through the use of cutting-edge technology on a project basis to increase its customers’ production potential in the most efficient way.

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We realize our designs in accordance with the requirements of our project partners without compromising on trust and quality, being user-friendly, serving the industry for many years and prioritizing mechanical and personnel safety.

Solution-oriented production

The focus of our company, which develops high-quality, reliable and innovative technologies in its industry with the aim of realizing the best production for our project partners, is always to create lasting solutions for the needs.

Fast support

With our own technical equipment, we provide our customers with technical customer service and spare parts production. We respond quickly to all post-sales technical requirements.


Work for a better life

For Moritech, sustainability fundamentally means future viability and is an integral part of our business strategy.

Moritech Robot

Through our core field of work, we have a major influence on social development. In addition, we are committed to social conditions and an innovation-friendly working environment; Therefore, it is very important for us to contribute to the quality of life of the future of society and create value in various ways.

Responsible business practices form the basis of the Morictech principle of sustainable harmonization. By applying this harmonization in the areas of compliance, human resources policy, product management, health, environmental protection and safety, and supplier management, we can identify and reduce risks at an early stage.

Our corporate strategy is consistent with the sustainability principles we apply in fulfilling our mission. Our goal is to maintain and increase the company's success by creating entrepreneurial value while maintaining our respect for social values.

Managing Director

Message from our CEO Murat Güldökmez

Our company was founded in 2015; Our priority is to produce efficient products with a long service life and maximum benefit for the user and to create differentiation in production quality without sacrificing the innovative approach.
We bought a lot of new machines,
by investing in the equipment we use in production. We continuously develop our environmentally friendly products within the framework of our sustainability principles by carrying out our design and analysis studies according to international standards.
The conversion of our system to ERP
Infrastructure is complete. By increasing our production capacity, we have started offering services in our new factory buildings in Istanbul and Ankara. We have opened our MORITECH sales offices in Germany and the United Kingdom.
In this process, we continue to participate in national and international trade fair organizations that increase our sales and help us get closer to our goal.
As we work hard on our internal restructuring, we are among the priority companies in our efforts to
to open up new markets and expand our regional presence. Our international network, which initially started with exports to Uzbekistan, has expanded to various continents and 28 different countries including Asia, Europe, America and Africa. This success and the goals achieved strengthen our determination to
to work for our company, our industry and our country. We are working hard to make this sustainable and become a strong international brand.
We have had a year in which we have kept pace with rapid developments. Our goal in 2025 is to be a leader in our country.
This goal also includes developing new business areas, expanding our business opportunities and distribution network into emerging areas and being at the forefront.
We use green technology in our products and bring them up to date with the latest energy efficiency. Ensuring reliability makes us;
It drives us to improve business ethics, workplace health and safety, be proactive in our strategies, evaluate investment opportunities and work with discipline and foresight.
We will proudly represent our country and our industry to the world with courage, passion and responsibility,
just as we have done so far. I would like to thank the support of our customers and the special commitment of our employees, who ensure our continuous development.

Our Team

Great work is done by a great team.
Our team has a successful track record in marketing, product development, production management and technical support.


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