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Side entry robot Cartesian robot Insert molding Palletizing
Side entry robot Cartesian robot Insert molding Palletizing

Environmental Technology

The process begins with product design and planning, where the company's engineers.



Once the design is finalized, the company identifies the required electronic components.



After PCB assembly, the electronic devices undergo rigorous testing and quality control.


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In this stage, the electronic components are integrated into the device enclosure.

The sector

Industries in which robots are used

In the automotive industry, our robots play a critical role, enabling a variety of applications including picking parts from injection molding machines, placing parts on assembly lines, and more. The precision and reliability of our robot systems contribute to
to increase production capacity and improve product quality.

Thanks to our years of experience and commitment to continuous innovation, we are proud to offer industry-leading solutions that meet our customers' ever-changing needs. We are looking forward to it,
work with you and develop customized automation solutions that meet your specific needs.

Plastic plays an important role in the medical field. In particular, medical devices and equipment are often made from plastic. This happens for various reasons, especially properties such as sterility, durability and lightness. Plastic packaging also makes it possible
store medical products hygienically and safely. With our experienced team, we can develop tailor-made sterile solutions and processes for your factory.

Kartezyen robots can work with high precision in industrial production lines. In the production of plastic household goods, these robots can perform various tasks such as assembly of parts, packaging processes, molding and cutting.
This makes production processes more efficient while reducing human errors and labor costs. Thanks to their precise movement capabilities, Kartezyen robots can easily complete complex and detailed tasks. This increases product quality and provides the end user with reliable and long-lasting plastic products.
Household goods available. Since our founding, we have completed hundreds of homeware projects and developed customized solutions for end customers.

Cartesian robots can perform various tasks such as cutting, folding and placing packaging materials. Their precise movement capabilities ensure proper packaging and arrangement of products.
This contributes to increasing product quality and at the same time increasing production speed. We offer you solutions in this area, ranging from manufacturing to packaging and even palletizing the manufactured products.

In today's world, the production of electronic products and components is continuously increasing. By using Cartesian robots, you can ensure quality, flexibility and sustainability in your factories.
So far, we have been able to remain a leading and innovative company in the industry by developing tailor-made solutions. We have developed hundreds of solutions for our customers through various applications.

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